Arun Sebastian

Our very own Micheal Jackson, our Cheta never ceases to stop learning. Arun can spend several hours on one assignment, only till it has been perfected by his own terms. His fashion statement is a reflection of his personality - colourful and happy. A true Mallu at heart, he is our English - Mallu translator in person and has introduced us to some wonderful Mallu songs. If you plan to make a fashion portfolio, our ace photographer will be more than ready to help you, but conditions apply. He prefers if you are a girl and you do not disturb him while he Photoshop’s himself in 'stud macha' photographs!

Michael Stanley

Fondly known as Bimal is our ‘One Man Production Unit’! A reliable person who can be counted upon to finish tasks at hand with ease, whether it’s negotiating with vendors or planning an office trip. Vimal is a good God loving person who’s very fond of his family. He can be seeing taking Photoshop lessons from the designers when he’s free and later replacing the background from his wife’s picture with a better one! He makes sure that everything in the office is running smoothly right up to the stereo! Any technical issue – Bimal is just a few feet away playing online cricket! He is truly an asset to Filament.

Sheetal Patil

Dream Catcher

Divine Raj

Quiet Reflections!

Kegan Albert

Smooth Talker

Sebastian Chandy

Meet Sebastian or fondly known as Saji. The Rainmaker. But that’s not all, He’s an it Design, Copywriting, Campaign Management, BD, Coding, Basketball, Drumming, PS3 gaming.. You name it–He knows it! When you think of a boss, you probably think of an authoritative mean person who hardly smiles, bullying you till you have attained perfection. But with Saji… expect just the opposite, although we warn you, he knows how to get his work done, even if you have to stay up the night. Things that you cannot miss out are his hysterical laughter when he is an awesome mood, which is of course most of the time and his enthusiasm at office parties! What you might not know about him is his love for Norah Jones and his dancing skills!